My Projects


Please take a moment to explore the range of companies I've been fortunate to work with and my personal projects. I have extensive experience working across various industries in software and web application projects, including airlines, healthcare, transportation, trains, telecommunications, human resources, standard web applications, logistics, inventory management, billing, Point of Sale (POS) systems, personal websites, and government projects, among others.

I'm proud to share that some of my projects have received prestigious government awards here in Singapore, particularly in the healthcare sector. Additionally, I've been honored with personal awards for my contributions, and I've had the privilege of being promoted multiple times.

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My experience encompasses a wide range of roles and responsibilities, ranging from leading small teams to managing larger ones. I have extensive experience in designing software architectures and actively participating in every phase of a project, from the initial planning stages, including requirements gathering and proof of concept (POC), to overseeing the end-to-end design and development process. I am well-versed in estimations, budgeting, and man-day allocations, ensuring the successful execution of projects and their timely release into production. I have a track record of successfully shepherding projects from inception to production with my team. I’ve also had the privilege of engaging directly with clients, particularly during my previous assignments in Dubai and Malaysia, where I gathered client requirements and oversaw development.
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