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I’m Bryan Estanislao, a Filipino based in Singapore, where I currently hold the Software Engineer Technical Lead role. With over a decade of experience in web and software development, I have worked with prominent companies and had the opportunity to travel to various countries to engage with clients and fulfil project and company requirements.

During my leisure hours, I enjoy penning a blog on tech and other diverse topics, including my passion for sports, particularly basketball.

Additionally, I dedicate my time to assisting individuals and small to large businesses in crafting their personalized websites. For a glimpse of my work, please refer to my project.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to collaborating with you on either your personal or business website.

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49 Jalan Tiga (S) 390049, Singapore

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Mobile Number (WhatsApp/Viber) + 65 9892 6495

Email : estanislao_bryan@yahoo.com  / estanislaobryan@gmail.com

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